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over 27 months

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Save $521 per year

Free organic fertilizer, free cooking gas and waste management.

Free organic fertilizer

to boost your crops - 33 bags per month

Free biogas

Easy cooking, no firewood

Manage waste

Managing the animal poo on your farm

What you get

Buy now and get the entire set for only $30USD per month

Modern twin gas stove
Rice cooker
Paygo box
Biodigester tank
3 year warranty
Flexi hose

"I used to spend $300 per year on chemical fertiliser. Now I make my own and save the money."

- Yen Samet

"PAYGO made it affordable and eCook makes my life easier and more convenient to cook."

- Im Srey

The biodigester not only increased the yield of my crops but also the quality of the soil.

- Oum Srey Long Varath

High quality, strong and easy

Easy installation

in 3.5 hours

Flood proof

Can be installed in areas with flooding or high-groundwater

Works in all temperatures

very cold temperature will work but lower output

Australian owned

Modern Australian design & service 

3 Year Warranty

25 year lifetime

Cooking with bio gas

  • Cook with free gas from the biodigester
  • Modern twin gas stove to cook on
  • Automatic cooker that connects to bio gas
  • Does not need firewood
  • Safe from explosions and free from smoke
  • Save time and money buy & collecting fire wood

Cooking with bio gas

  • Cook with free gas from the biodigester
  • Modern twin gas stove to cook on
  • Automatic cooker that connects to bio gas
  • Does not need firewood
  • Safe from explosions and free from smoke
  • Save time and money buy & collecting fire wood

Easier farming

  • Increase your crop yield by 30% with free organic natural fertilizer (more than 30 bags a month!).
  • Charge more for your organic crops
  • Save money on buying fertilizer
  • Save time and money finding or buying firewood - the biodigester produces free cooking gas

PAYGO monthly payments

With its biodigesters, ATEC* is offering a PAY-AS-YOU-GO payment model that makes customers pay the system off as they use it (and generate savings from gas, fertilizer, etc.) via interest-free company installments (WING).

All farmers and income levels applicable.

  • Apply for PAYGO - no documents required
  • PAYGO credit check complete
  • Register WING account
  • Confirm delivery date
  • Install Biodigester
  • Monthly payments to WING. No interest

Enduring quality

The ATEC* Biodigester is proudly designed and owned by Australian company ATEC* Global.


UV resistant material

25+ year


3 year



space required

Frequently asked questions

How much does the system cost?
The price depends on the size of the system and how you want to pay it off. Just give us a call and we explain the different sizes and financing models. All of our prices include the biodigester, installation, a two burner stove, a rice cooker and all follow-up services.

What is the life time of the system?
We expect the biodigester itself will last for approximately 25 years. We offer a 3 year warranty

Do you deliver?
Yes, we will deliver and install your biodigester 

What sizes do the biodigesters come in?
At the moment we offer only our M4 system. This allows for loading of up to 40kg of manure daily. If you require a larger system we can install multiple M4 biodigesters as a package.

How long does the installation take?
The installation takes approximately half a day and is included in the package.

What kind of livestock do I need and how many?
You need a minimum of 2 cows/buffalo or 4 adult pigs.

Can I use other waste than animal manure?
You can use other waste however it is generally a little more complicated so best to speak to ATEC about this first.

How much waste do I need per day?
A minimum of 20kg of cow/buffalo manure or 13kg of pig manure.

How much money can I save using a biodigester?
On average our customers save $521 per year. How much you will save depends mainly on how much money you are spending on LPG gas and chemical fertiliser. With a biodigester you do not need to buy LPG gas anymore and can produce your own organic fertiliser.

Can I connect the biogas line to my LP gas stove?
No, normal LPG stoves are designed differently to biogas stoves and hence will not run on biogas.

Can I connect a generator to produce electricity?
Generators use a large amount of gas and are suitable to be used with our current M4 model.

Who can I contact when I want to refer someone?
Contact us: 097 654 7760

Can the biodigester explode?
No, the biodigester is extremely safe and will never reach a pressure where it can explode.

Is it dangerous to use a biodigester?
No, provided you follow our instructions and training it is very safe to use.

How much money can I save using a biodigester?
Save 521$ per year on gas & fertiliser.

What can I do if I produce more biogas of what I can use?
Depending on how much extra gas you have you could purchase additional appliances.

Is the digester maintenance difficult?
No, it is very easy. We train you on the required maintenance as part of the installation.

Can the digester work with poultry manure?
Whilst poultry manure can in theory produce biogas it is much more complicated and at this stage we do not recommend its use.

​​What is the maximum distance between the digester and the points of biogas use?

Can the gas line be installed underground?
Yes, we generally advise it is installed underground to keep it out of the way and reduce the risk of damage.

Can I have more than one biodigester?
Yes, you can install the M4 as a modular setup.

Does the biodigester have to be buried?
It does not have to be but it is easier to load if it is buried and will also operate at a more consistent temperature.

Does ATEC have biodigesters that are underground?
Not fully underground, however this is something we are investigating.

What happens if I have a problem with my biodigester?
You can call our Service After Sales team.

'I am very interested in generating the electricity for my pig farm, how much electricity one unit can produce?'
Our biodigesters are small homescale systems suitable for generating cooking gas. If you have a very large pig farm please contact us and we can talk through other options for you.

PAYGO Payment
Q: How do customers make payment?
A: All payments by customers are made via mobile money.

Q: Is there any interest on the PAYGO payment options?
A: There is no extra interest on PAYGO plans. The monthly payment amount is all customers pay.

Q: What do I do if I can’t make my payment due to financial difficulties?
A: Contact us and we will discuss payment options with you

Q: How is the payment registered on the stove?
A: For PAYGO stoves there is an internal SIM card that will receive payment information

Q: Can I pay the stove off early if I am on a PAYGO plan?
A: If you pay off your stove before you have reached the halfway point of your PAYGO plan you will receive a 5% discount.

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  • Based in Cambodia for 9 years
  • 25 yr lifetime
  • 3 year warranty
  • Australian design and owned company
  • Flood proof & works in all temperatures